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Kite Surfing in Diani Beach

Kite Surfing in Diani Beach

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Kitesurfing on Diani beach, one of the best spots to surf on the Kenyan Coast. Take the opportunity to get acquainted with this magnificent sport in probably the most perfect circumstances you might always wished for. Sandy beach, beautiful warm and clear waters and light to moderate winds. Perfect to get you first experience with the kite or a full beginners course.

We offer a variety of possibilities for individuals as well as groups. Regardless if you are novice, beginner or an experienced kite surfer we offer a variety of different opportunities which, if required, seamless flow into the next step in your journey into the world of kitesurfing.

We offer a kite experience of two hours in which you being instructed in the
various aspects of setup, safety and flying the kite in the water. If you want to take it serious and profit from the perfect conditions you can opt for a full beginners course. When you started with the kite experience and like to continue? No problem, the experience will seamless flow into the beginner course.

Already an independent kiter? It has been a while on the water? Opt for a two
hour refresher course or take the opportunity to grow with the advanced course.
We offer professional instructors combined with the latest kite equipment.

If you are a experienced kite surfer and want to ride independently come and
rent our latest equipment.

Hope to greet you soon on the water!
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