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Diving in Diani

Diving in Diani

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Diving in Diani is one of the most fun activities to engage in during your stay in Diani beach. We can pick you up from your hotel and take you for a fun time moment of diving in Diani at your choice dive point near you. On every dive you will find yourself swimming among shoals of fish and floating above breathtakingly beautiful hard and soft corals. In addition Kenya, and in particular Diani beach is one of the few places in the world where there is a 90% chance of seeing reef sharks plus the biggest fish in the sea, the whale shark. Whale sharks are particularly impressive as they cruise slowly through the water feeding their 10 meter bodies with the plentiful plankton. Water visibility is good and can range from 10 to 30 meters. Temperatures never go below 25°c and in the summer can reach up to 30°c . This combination provides an exquisite diving experience. All dives are made by boat transfer to the diving sites, travel time to the site range between 15 -50 minutes, and are suitable for all levels of diver experience. Diani beach has diving points that attracts a number of sea creatures the diver would not want to miss out. Carry a good photo and video water proof camera for the purposes of taking home some great experiences. Come and take the plunge on just a single dive, or take advantage of a dive package to get the best value for money. All dives come complete with equipment hire and diving guide. 

Dive Spots in Diani

Baobab Dive point-starting at 9 meters

Shark alley-starting at 7 meters to 24 meters

Maisha Marefu-8-26 meters deep and good to spot whale sharks

Kinondo-10metres down to 31 metres

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