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Bike tours

Bike tours

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ECOTOURS  We have different tours in Diani and neighboring Ukunda Village. The excursions are mainly to  support the local people/projects and bring you closer to the Real Diani. We also endeavor to conserve the heritage, wildlife, and ecosystem found in the coastal region. We want Kenyans to be proud to show off our beautiful country.

Tour options 

1. Beach Fun Ride.- 3 hours  This is a ride along the beach for those who want to do a bit of sightseeing, we then stop at  designated areas that are good for snorkeling and walks to the reef, It is only possible when the tide is out. Here one can take a walk to the reef and spot different species of plant life and sea creatures. Our guides also show the best water holes to snorkel and also hire a boat from the local fishermen out to the snorkeling areas. This tour normally lasts about 3 hours depending on where you stay.

2. Kinondo Sacred Forest with a visit to the Giraffe and Zebra sanctuary - Half day tour 

This is a visit to the Sacred Kinondo Forest. The ride to the forest takes about 45 mins depending on where you are staying. Kinondo is considered by the local Digo community as sacred, You will learn about their beliefs and culture. The tour within the forest will last about an hour and a half. After the forest, the next stop will be at the Bora Bora Nature Park, You will feed the giraffes and enjoy the rest of the wildlife in the nature park, which include zebras, tortoises, crocodiles and others.

3.Kongo River 

The ride to the congo river takes approximately 30-45 mins. Kongo river is the point where the river meets the sea. There are a lot of birds, mangroves, sea creatures to be seen. You will take a guided tour up the river towards Ukunda as you bird watch and enjoy the serene surroundings. The whole tour lasts for about 4 hours.

4.Ukunda Village Tour. This is mostly tourist oriented and gives the clients a chance to see real Diani. Within the tour they visit a children's home, dispensary and school,a project run by sponsors from Belgium. We then head to the Botanical gardens where are different species of trees and plants. You will learn about

their medicinal values and the beliefs associated with different plants in accordance with the Digo culture. We then head to the Snake park, here you will spend about 20 minutes before taking off to visit the secret caves. After a short rest you will end the tour riding back to the office. This whole tour lasts 5-6 hours depending on the number of persons in the group.

5.Colobus Trust. In support of the colobus monkeys. This is about the shortest ride. A visit to the colobus centre where you will be enlightened on the plight of the primates and the efforts made to conserve the wildlife in Diani. All proceed goes to helping the trust. This whole tour takes 1-2 hrs.

Please see prices below:
    1. Beach fun ride $25 per person
    2. Kaya kinondo and borabora tour - $55 per person
    3. Kongo bike ride and river canoe ride - $40 per person
    4. Ukunda village tour - $35 per person
    5. Colobus trust visit - $25  We pick up and drop off at your hotel. -Bicycles are also for rent at a daily cost
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