Things to do in Diani beach

Things to do in Diani beach

Glass-bottom boat trips

This is the ideal trip for families with young ones and who don’t want to venture far out into the ocean. It is also ideal for those who prefer to explore the ocean while dry. Check out boats equipped with a glass bottom to obtain an insight into the amazing world underwater. Through the embedded glass bottom in your boat, you can observe what is happening in the water right below your feet. An experienced captain will guide and control the glass bottom boat since they are very familiar with the area and know where you can find interesting things in the underwater world. Exotic fish, interesting marine life, and corals offer a beautiful and amazing view. The trip takes about 2 - 3 hours and provides an exceptional experience. This trip can be organized everyday with pick up from the beach resorts and hotels in Diani beach. During low tides the ‘Robinson Island’ pops up and a walk around and/or sunbathing can be done as you laze and enjoy the beach.

Beach Walks and around Diani beach

Diani Beach is one of the best places in the world to take long beach walks. Its shoreline is a spread of white sandy beaches, and there’s nothing as therapeutic as a long walk by the beach, it helps you clear your mind as you enjoy the cool breeze. Observe the quiet beach life and get stunned by the beautiful turquoise waters. Explore the beach at low tide and discover other marine life in the natural pools left by the ocean. Diani has some notable restaurants on the shoreline and these includes the sands at nomads beach bar, Salty Squid on the beach at Kenyaways, Amigos beach restaurant, Asha beach bistro a chic restaurant by the beach, Colobus shade a local restaurant very laid back with really good and fresh seafood. The Colobus shade can be found right at the end, if you are taking a Tuktuk then the drop of name in Swahili ‘mwisho wa lami’ which means end of the tarmac road.

Restaurants along the beach road include the new opened chain Java House at Centre point next to Safaricom shop, Kokkos; a popular place with seriously great food, great coffee and a lovely atmosphere. Shushi lovers can go Shanshi ka the only Japanese restaurant right next to Kokkos at Costa sur complex. The newly opened Funky Monkey restaurant for lovely ambience and food right in front of Diani Sea Resort, Wines and more cellar for all your 'alcohol needs' is located at the entrance of the same hotel. Piri Piries restaurant located at the Diani beach shopping Centre. Havana Bar and Restaurant is right next to Food plus - Chandarana supermarket for great cocktails and beer. Apero Bar and Restaurant is famous for the most delicious cuisines with a touch of flavors from all around the world. For really nice Italian food and Pizzas you can try Aniello’s Ristorante OR Jollys pizzeria both Italian owned. Leonardos restaurant a few minutes down the road also serve authentic Italian food but the prices are much higher than the latter. African Pot right opposite specialty is local Kenyan cuisine, you will need to pre-order because food takes a long time to come, since they make all the food from scratch. For Swahili dishes visit Coast dishes along the way from Ukunda they are experts in ‘Biriani and Pilau’ typical Swahili coast dishes.

Island Excursions

Take a trip by dhow to Wasini Island. The trip provides a rich cultural experience since ancient Swahili villages lie along the coastal scrub. Explore the Shimoni Caves, thought to have held slaves before their shipment to Arabia, and then stop by Wasini Village for snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and some tasty seafood. We recommend you book your excursion with Coral Spirit for an amazing diving experience with a professional. They offer full-day snorkeling trips at the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park & Wasini Island. You will be picked from your beach resort and transferred to Wasini jetty to board the boat. The day is rounded off with a seafood lunch in our restaurant on Shimoni mainland. After lunch, you will be transferred back to your resort in the late afternoon.

Funzi Island

A visit to the sleepy village on funzi Island is an ideal choice for a person looking for a cultural tour and/or laid back tour. The funzi islands are surrounded by mangrove trees ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers. An interesting feature is the canoe tour up the Ramisi river, which is usually 1-2 hours boat ride in search of the elusive crocodiles in the River. It is important to note though that due the mangroves around the island the waters are usually not clear and therefore not ideal for snorkeling. During the low tides one laze around the sand bank and enjoy the sun while taking a drink.

Fresh seafood lunch is served around on most of the islands restaurants. Coral Spirit organizes a packaged tour inclusive of lunch, boat ride and transport to and from Funzi island.

Day Trip to Shimba Hills National Reserve

Additionally, you can take a day trip to Shimba Hills National Reserve which is only 30 kilometers away. Shimba Hills National Reserve offers a unique blend of flora and fauna, from wandering elephants, plunging waterfalls to one of the last remaining coastal rain forests on earth. It is also the only Kenyan habitat that hosts the rare and magnificent sable antelope. The reserve is within thirty minutes of the beach and commands great views over the Indian Ocean. It is advisable to carry comfortable walking shoes, a sun hat and wear sun cream. The walk to the falls takes about 2hrs, to and from. The walk back is uphill, hence requiring some level of fitness. During the very hot months of December to March, the older people and very young ones can find this walk very hard due to the heat and humidity. Ideal times to do the Shimba hills National Reserve trip is to leave during the early mornings from 6.00am while the temperatures are still cool.

There are two lodges that are popular for lunches and accommodation around the Shimba hills: Shimba hills lodge and Shimba hills green lodge.

The Shimba hills lodge is located inside the Shimba hills National reserve. This is a tree lodge with toilets outside the rooms. There are only 2 rooms with en-suite bathrooms. The lodge has a waterhole in front of the lodge and where animals can be seen visiting from time to time.

The Shimba hills green lodge on the other hand overlooks the Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary, a stunning view of the river snaking its way through the sanctuary. The shimba hills green lodge has a mini infinity pool, great for sundowners and cocktails.

Tuk Tuk Ride

A Tuktuk (auto rickshaw) is a three-wheeled motorized vehicle used as a taxi. You can’t leave Diani without taking a ‘Tuktuk’ ride. Being light, small and easy to ride, this vehicle is ideal to get around the town. A Tuktuk can carry up to three passengers on a bench seat behind and a driver as well as a guide. The sides of the vehicle are open, so you can still have a great feeling of being outside and connected with the people and places. The beach tour will last around 2 hours and takes you to the shopping center and around the beach.

If you are feeling up to it you can brave the 10km ride on the tuktuk to the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest, this will give you an in depth culture of the Digo community. If you are into nature and the trees, the Kaya Kinondo sacred forest will not disappoint with its myths surrounding the local Digo community and the sacred forest.

Water Sports in Diani

Add a little adventure to your holiday safari, as you try out different water sporting activities and explore one of Africa’s leading beach destination from the sea.


Enjoy kitesurfing, kayaking, wind surfing, stand up paddling, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, fun rides as well as deep sea fishing. There are several water sports centers equipped with the latest gear and a team of seasoned instructors who are passionate about sharing their enthusiasm for water sports, so you can have a wonderful experience.

Weather in Diani

What is the weather in Diani Beach?

Typically, the climate in the coastal region of Kenya including Diani is a warm tropical climate. Diani beach is located within the tropics, therefore, all seasons are warm with tropical rains and high humidity aspects. The temperatures in Diani beach remain steadily hot for most of the year to reach around 30 degrees Celsius all year round. However, an ever-blowing sea breeze offers some cooling throughout the year. The wettest months in Diani beach are April to May with some heavy rains being experienced most days, although not all the time. There is also a short rainy season from October to November. The best time to go to Diani beach is when the weather is mainly dry and sunny.

Generally carry your swim suit and sun cream there is always a sunny day in Diani beach. It never gets cold.

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