An Unforgettable Adventure with Coral Spirit

Zach and I were so impressed with our day trip to Wasini Island with Coral Spirit! We opted for a scuba dive instead of two snorkeling adventures and couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. We were lucky enough to see 3 Bottlenose Dolphins as we were leaving the Marina on a traditional Dhow! 

We dove with our guide, Juma, in the Marine Park. Unlike other Marine Parks we have visited, this one was filled with diverse species of corals and marine life. There were schools of Parrot Fish, Yellow Snapper, and many more! We were thrilled to see various eels, sea turtles, octopus, sea anemones, a large Pufferfish, and a giant Conch Shell. Juma also spotted a colorful Frog Fish chilling on top of the coral! To top off an epic dive, we heard dolphins in the distance! This was the highlight for Zach and I as it was so special being part of their home in the Marine Park. 

We surfaced and were immediately treated with fresh fruits as we waited for the snorkeling group to wrap up. Next, we had the option to visit the stunning sand bar or to snorkel. Zach and I opted for the latter, putting our Fish Identification skills to the test. Along the way, Zach spotted an octopus! We also saw various fish species floating along the reef, as well as large sea urchins and sea slugs. The visibility was very clear and we could easily see for 15 meters or more, which made for perfect conditions for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

After our snorkeling adventure, the crew drove us back to the mainland. The one hour boat ride was incredibly relaxing as we watched the stunning islands pass by, which were filled with the iconic baobab trees. A peaceful way to wrap up our time in the sun. 

We arrived on the mainland for a delicious lunch, filled with homemade dishes. The staff made sure there were options suitable for my dietary restrictions, as I have Celiac’s Disease (no gluten) and am a vegetarian. They ensured I was well taken care of and showed me which dishes were safe to eat. I have never received such hospitality on a tour as I did with Coral Spirit. I am so grateful for their attention to detail and understanding of my dietary restrictions. Thank you to Coral Spirit staff for a delicious meal! Zach also raved about his fresh seafood including crab, calamari, and much more! 

Our day trip ended with a quick visit to Shimoni Slave Caves, which was a mere 10 minute drive from the Coral Spirit Restaurant. The local tour guide shared the history of Shimoni and many historical facts. Our group appreciated this section of the tour as it showcased important history to Shimoni and the area. 

Overall, it was a fantastic day! One which I wish I could relive again and again! I am already looking forward to visiting Wasini Island with Coral Spirit again during a future visit! Thank you to the staff at Coral Spirit for an unforgettable experience and for sharing your culture with us!


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