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5 profound reasons to visit Kenya

5 Profound Reasons to Visit Kenya Here are 5 profound reasons to visit Kenya and why Kenya should be on your travel-bucket-list, your “where to-go-list” 2020. From its scenic landscapes, the extensive wildlife turfs, to the world-renowned distance runners and the sought-after annual wildebeest migration, Kenya has inexhaustible wealth in terms of experiences and vacation […]

dolphins of Wasini

Dolphins of Wasini

Dolphins of Wasini Dolphins of Wasini are part of marine mammals that live in shallow tropical waters all over the world. There are nearly 40 recorded species of dolphins with the higher percentage living in warm temperate oceans and about 5 species living in rivers. There are many interesting facts about dolphins that you may […]

5 Cruise ship Excursions from Mombasa

5 Cruise ship excursions from Mombasa Travelers on a cruise looking for a day trip will find that these 5 cruise ship excursions from Mombasa are very ideal. Traditional dancers awaiting visitors to disembark from a cruise ship at the Port of Mombasa is the typical welcome one receives in the coastal town of Kenya […]

The Kenyan coast and the history of it’s coastal towns

The Kenyan coast and the history of it’s coastal towns The Kenyan coast is an area stretching from the Lamu archipelago at the Northern end, to a horseshoe-like shape encompassing the island of Mombasa, to the South coast which stretches to the Tanzanian border – a distance of nearly 500 km! This stretch of coastline comprises […]

Diani Beach

Activities in Diani Beach Diani Beach is a superb destination for active travelers, with numerous water sports on offer, from diving and snorkeling to kite surfing and windsurfing. If you want to take it easy, there are relaxing day-long dhow cruises, and if you want an extra jolt of adrenaline, jet skiing, fly boarding and […]

Deep sea fishing in Pemba

Deep sea fishing in Pemba Pemba Island and the 55-kilometer section of the Pemba Channel are possibly the most exhilarating locations for deep sea fishing vacation in Africa. The deep blue waters of the ocean reach depths of over 820 meters, and the environs of the island are incredibly beautiful. Big game fishing around Pemba […]

Jet skiing in Diani beach

Jet skiing in Diani beach Money can’t buy you happiness, but then again…have you ever seen an unhappy person on a Jet Ski? Currently, the jet skiing in Diani beach is very much in trend and more and more people test this exciting water sport. Because a jet ski is expensive and in most countries […]

Full-Day Snorkeling Tour to Kisite Marine Park with Wasini Island

Snorkeling Tour to Kisite Marine Park Enjoy Kenya’s most popular snorkeling and diving boat safari to the famous Kisite Marine Park, just 55km from Diani Beach. Snorkel and/or scuba dive in warm waters with pristine coral and marine life diversity, home to dolphins, turtles, stingrays, moray eels and an unbelievable diversity of fish and coral […]

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