July 31, 2019
Deep sea fishing in Pemba Pemba Island and the 55-kilometer section of the Pemba Channel are possibly the most exhilarating locations for deep sea fishing vacation in Africa. The deep blue waters of the ocean reach depths of over 820 meters, and the environs of the island are incredibly beautiful. Big game fishing around Pemba...
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Glass Bottom Boat Rides Glass bottom boat rides are an opportunity to look into the ocean; a mystical place and provides us with legends, stories and fairy tales since a very long time. Even the indigenous peoples revered it and a lot of cultures believe that their gods live underwater. A ride on the glass...
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Jet skiing in Diani beach Money can’t buy you happiness, but then again…have you ever seen an unhappy person on a Jet Ski? Currently, the jet skiing in Diani beach is very much in trend and more and more people test this exciting water sport. Because a jet ski is expensive and in most countries...
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